10 years later

Many of you know that my family takes a beach vacation every year to the same beach, Holden Beach, NC. We might get a different house, but they are all in the same area. It is a good time of relaxing, swimming, Scrabble, fishing, kayaking, cocktails, full on family dinners, etc. Friends are welcome and many have stopped by for a day visit to the whole week. We have been doing this for 11 years. So about 10 years ago I started taking portraits of everyone in the family. These have been both very relaxed to very structured, some years I did it half heartedly and other I was really into it. The results have always been a collaboration between myself and whoever was in front of the camera. Our moods come thru in the photos. My dad is never really comfortable in front of the camera but poses every year. Sometimes I was just going thru the motions, not really engaging or being a part of the photo. I usually shoot these pix on film and grab some snapshots with the digi for the last 4-5 years. I use my Rollie mostly, but did it in 4×5 one year and with the polaroid 110b that I had converted to pack film. When I shot with the Polaroid, I used type 655 film which is a black and white positive/negative film, it creates a regular polaroid and also a b/w negative that has an excellent tonal range and great detail. But, alas, Polaroid last year decided to stop production of that film and the type55 ( the 4×5 version). A very bad decision , at least to me and the 100′s of other photog’s who love this film. I did manage to stock pile about 15 packs of it. 

One year after taking what I felt were a group of pretty nice portraits I made a 9 photo grid of them. This grid was/has been in my portfolio for a while. This year, I decided to revisit that grid and take a look at what my family looks like 10 years later. Folks have aged, some have grown up and others have been added. I find it interesting to look at the two grids and think about my photographic vision and style. It looks pretty close to being the same, but then I was also trying to shoot in a similar style. The first grid looks a little dark to me, I like the side lighting I was using, but I think today I am more into a flattering open light, a lighter look. This can be seen in the post processing. The new grid feels lighter.

So , here they are





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  1. rudy hayden says:

    well done and great comparison. great portraits! you new site is really sharp looking. how has the fishing been recently….?

  2. peter says:

    Hey thanks Rudy. Fishing has been fairly slow, been doing a lot of work in Augusta. Hit the Savannah River a few times. But am heading to the SOHO this weekend for 3 days! look for a post soon.

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