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So, last year while I was pursuing many blogs to get an idea of what I wanted mine to be, there was this trend going around. People were making lists. A list of 101 goals to meet or things to do in 1001 days. 101 in 1001. At first I didn’t think much of it, just another one of those viral things, like the tag game where you tag someone and they have to give 8 seldom known things about themselves. I hated that one. If I wanted you to know something about me, I’d let ya know. But after following some of the blogs and people who were making these lists and doing the tasks, I was intrigued. I started to look at it differently. I started to see it as a way of being held accountable for some goals. Like many other creative people, my mind goes 1000 miles an hour all the time. Ideas pop in and out, some register, some i forget the second the next shiny thing catches my eye. It can be very frustrating as I am sure some of those idea are just brilliant! Mostly the idea comes and goes and I don’t really address it. like a photo project or story I want to do, I have dozens of them in my head, but don’t ever start acting on them. So I figured this was a way to put down on  the page a list of things I want to do. Some are big things others are rather small and easy.

I started my list about 6-7 months ago, wrote down about 75 things then left it for a while. I decided to get back to it last week and finished my list. I re-read my list and was surprised at how many of the tasks still meant something to me and how many of them I had actually already completed! So, with a start date of Nov. 1st 2008 and an end date of July 30th 2011, here is my list.

The page will become a link on the top of the site for you to keep track of what I accomplish and I will be posting some of the tasks from time to time.

1 – Build new websites

2 – invest money in an IRA

3 – write thank you notes once a week for 3 months

4 – send congratulations notes to local and regional ad agencies that win awards

5 – contact at least one potential new client a month for 6 months

6 – go bone fish fishing in the Bahamas

7 – go Salmon fishing in Alaska

8 – go trout fishing in Montana

9 – photograph a series with local artists

10 – eat local food for a month

11 – visit and hike Yosemite

12 – learn to snowboard

13 – do something for someone and not tell any one

14 – start a senior photo business

15 – start a pet portrait business

16 – take an agility class with Bella

17 – produce and shoot one portfolio level shoot a month for 6 months

18 – learn to tie my own flies

19 – eat vegetarian for a week

20 – support a local CSA

21 – learn to can food

22 – buy an used old cast iron skillet 2.09

23 – travel to Europe

24 – build an outdoors portfolio

25 – visit my grandparents

26 – offer a workshop

27 – write a letter of appreciation to someone who does something nice for me

28 – no fast food for 3 months

29 –  blog at least once a week for 3 months

30 – take Jake fishing

31 – buy a house

32 – learn to shoot skeet

33 – make a Christmas card list and mail cards this year

34 – do a pro bono shoot for a charity I wish to support

35 – do a pro bono shoot for a deserving family

36 – join a new professional organization

37 – go to a professional organization conference

38 – take a workshop

39 – teach a college level course again

40 – plant a garden

41 – shoot a catalog job

42 – help someone in need

43 – hike for 4 more weeks on the AT

44 – volunteer with an environmental / conservation group

45 – take an overnight canoe/kayak trip in NC

46 – go to a Yankee game

47 – go surf fishing

48 – get a studio / loft space

49 – shoot more seed pods

50 – shoot more cactus

51 – edit, scan and post a stock collection

52 – get a stand alone ice maker

53 – get passport renewed 1.09

54 – get a video camera


56 – expand wedding business into a real business

57 – make new friends in Charlotte

58 – set up a proper work flow

59 – shoot more flags

60 – shoot more night scapes

61 – enter some photo contests

62 – make my own mozzarella cheese

63 – design new promo items for clients

64 – get all my stuff out of storage in my parents basement

65 – bake fresh bread

66 – take a yoga class once a week for 3 months

67 – help a new / novice photographer

68 – go to the symphony

69 – expand children’s business to offer mini sessions in NJ and FL

70 – start a locations database

71 – hike on the Florida Trail

72 – go on a cruise 2.09

73 – visit friends in another state

74 – donate blood

75 – take a cooking class

76 – shoot in another country again

77 – go to the Observation Deck of the Empire State building

78 – visit the 8 states I’ve not been to, WA, ID, OR, MA, VT, HI, AK

79 – Ride my bike 25 miles

80 – win a live poker tournament

81 – shoot a video

82 – buy art, support a local artist

83 – get an old truck

84 – have a dinner party

85 – learn to cook Chinese

86 – make a new hard copy portfolio

87 – shoot more for Docuvitae

88 – get an assignment from one of the big food magazines

89 – re-connect with an old friend

90 – build or re-build something

91 – try a new food

92 – carry a camera everywhere for a month

93 – look into getting representation for editorial work again

94 – set up a RAID system or some other back up system

95 – fly a kite

96 – fish with in the Charlotte city limits

97 – shoot an empty space

98 – swim in the ocean

99 – drive a jet ski

100 – get prints / canvas’ done for the house

101 – sell a fine art print

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  1. rudy hayden says:

    good list. i could help you accomplish a few of those…. especially #67. hope you had a great few days on the soho. be well~rudy

  2. Silvia says:

    Love your blog! Your pictures are amazing. Keep it up and then some.

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