2010 in review

Good bye 2010. Hello 2011!

2010 was not a bad year for us. In fact it was a pretty good year. We had quite a lot of things happen. Both professionally and personally. We travelled quite a bit, saw some parts of the world I had never seen before, visited parts of the country that were new to me. I caught my first bonefish! I shot some great assignments. We are settling in to our house, starting to hang up some artwork and doing some landscaping. I learned some new things, switched to a complete RAW workflow, no more jpgs for me! Bought my first RAID system, 8tb’s of goodness. I am still terrified of losing data so I think, even though I have files in at least 3 places, I might set up one more RAID system. It pays to be redundant and to be redundant.

There are lots of things already planned for 2011, a few assignments already in place, a new website and marketing plan in the works, hopefully much sooner than later. I have been working on a new portfolio of outdoors/sports related work, concentrating on hunting and fishing right now. I hope to be able to add video to my list of skills soon also.

So, here is a bit of a round up of 2010!

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In Feb. I went down to Haiti after the devastating earthquake and worked with my old unit, the 82d Airborne Division.

Haiti Earthquake relief operationsHaiti Earthquake relief operations

I shot about 10 restaurant reviews over the year, this is my favorite, BLT Steak in the new Ritz Carlton here in Charlotte.


This is from James Beard winner Chef Andrea Reusing’s restaurant in Chapel HIll, The Lantern.


I started working with NC’s only certified organic beef producer, Proffitt Farms for some personal work. Busy schedules have kept me from getting back there, but I will this year. They use horses to move thier cattle, no vehicles.


In May I worked with an amazing woman on a project in Maine.


World Cup fever hits Charlotte!


Belinda owns her own cigar company.


Of course, in July, Lesley made an honest man out of me! ( photos by Amanda Prince, she rocks! )


We went the the Minnesota State Fair, FUN!


I made a 600 mile road trip to photograph 6 of NC’s best steak houses for Our State Magazine.


I spent quite a bit of time this fall working on my first catalog shoot. It was for Slappa, a cd/dvd case, backpack, gaming bags, etc company. They make really great products. I didn’t shoot the products, but shot 6 lifestyle images that are running double truck in the catalog. It was a lot of work, but here are 2 of the shots! These shots are both composite shots with all of the components being shot by me and the retouching done by an awesome retoucher, http://heavytheory.com/#mce_temp_url#!



I visited the Belmont Abby for a story about the town of Belmont, NC. This is my favorite image from the trip. This is Brother Edward.


Lesley and I made a trip out to the Grand Canyon. My first time there. It is just crazy, no words can describe it.


In Oct. I went to NYC to work with a new restaurant being opened, The National. It is in the Benjamin Hotel in Midtown and the chef is Geoffrey Zakarian. The marketing team wanted a more organic, natural feel, less slick. It was a great time and the food is really AWESOME!


I photographed at the Ritz again in Dec. For their upcoming Urban Sip wine bar. Upscale meats cheeses and wines, including wines like Opus One by the glass.


In Dec. I also started working on a new portfolio aimed at the outdoor/sports retail market. I called up some friends and tagged along on a few hunts. I have a few others planned and in the spring will work on some other aspects of this portfolio with the goal of having a complete body of work by the end of the year!


And we ended the year with a record cold snap resulting in about 4-5 inches of snow here in Charlotte! The dogs love it! Of course 3 days ago it was 67, so things should balance out! I hope everyone had a great 2010 and here’s to an awesome 2011!


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  1. Diane Penley says:

    My hat is off to you Peter! Amazing pictures . . . absolutely amazing. I think I am tied for favorites – the second grand canyon pic – and the last one with Bella and LuLu.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful and unique views :)


  2. Todd Kreps says:

    They are all great! I love the wedding photos!

  3. Lauralee McDonald says:

    The Grand Canyon photos are breathtaking! I also love the state fair pic. Great work, Peter!

  4. willis loughhead says:

    beautiful shots, makes me want to head to the grand canyon and back to the site of your wedding….as always, great work

  5. Jule says:

    Peter, I can’t pick a favorite from this roundup of 2010. I know some of the restaurants where you shot, and I’ve been to the grand canyon. You’re right….words don’t even come close, but your pics do it justice. The shot of Aaron is terrific. Like he’s hearing wingbeats. See if you can find that old shot of Colin wading the New. Probably 2007. That’s one of my favorite photos ever. Not just my favorite of him. My favorite…..period. Thanks for sharing these and the other blog shots. Why didn’t you post my fried chicken from the State Farmers Market? What do you mean it wasn’t on the plate long enough? Beautiful work, Peter. The Slappa stuff was way techno cool. And who doesn’t like dogs? The 82nd Airborne support in Haiti really touched me. The pensive child holding a shy hand out to those soldiers was marvelous.

  6. Aaron C says:

    Great shots. The hunt pictures capture anticipation and the satisfaction in the dog’s eye. The others show breadth in your skill set. Nice work.

  7. Rosanne Lubin says:

    You know I ‘kvell’ from ALL YOUR pictures…the human emotions, the brilliance of the canyon, the yummy food that you’ve made look so good that you could jump into the photo and eat…your skill at capturing just that right moment….and our beautiful granddogs!

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