40 Rod

I took some food photos at a local bar/restaurant/saloon as part of their re-branding efforts spearheaded by my friend Jeff Moss. Jeff’s vision for the place turned out awesome! They have a new look, a new, better menu, a cleaner more inviting place to want to visit, great merchandise and more customers spending more money ( the obvious goal! ) The new restaurant is called 40 Rod, a slang term for dangerous whisky. Check out their web site here. We set up the food shots going for a road house feel. I used one of the dark wood bars as a backdrop, and lit the food fairly brightly. The idea was to make photos that make you want to order those items. I thought the light was a little too clean, so I looked around and decided to take a neon sign off the wall to add some colorful ambient light. I think it did the trick.

Here are some of the selects, a couple of BTS shots, and a few shots of  the final products -





A look at the set up, but the neon was not on yet.


Jeff doing a lighting test!


A portrait of the most excellent art director!


Menu pages! Jeff did such an awesome job on these. The photos really pop off the page.


A close up of one of the pages.


Screen shots of the website. There is a rotating gallery of shots of the food and the upcoming bands in the center of the main page.


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  1. Justin Moore says:

    My name is Justin Moore and I am the Pres./Creative Director of Sublmnl Design (we designed/developed the site for FR)… I was VERY happy to see some quality pics come my way when we originally got into the site design process! Very good work! Definitely helped us look good as well!


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