510 and Peyton Manning

Last night Peyton Manning broke the all time passing  touchdown record with 510 TD passes! I watched it as did millions of other people.

I thought back to May of 1998, Orlando Florida. The NFL had brought  the rookie class down to show them off to the media. I was working with Allsport ( now Getty Images ) and we had set up about 4 or 5 photo stations for the rookies to come thru. There was a lot of other media there too, the AP, all the card companies ( it was 1998 ) etc. We had a shot set up on the field with large cushions that the rookies would be diving onto, a locker room shot, etc. Just trying to get as many different looks as we could. I set up in large room and my style was to be a more dramatically lit shot. My station was the last shot of the day for the guys. The started rolling thru, a pretty good crowd of rookies including Andre Wadsworth, Jacquez Green, Takeo Spikes, Tim Dwight, Tony Simmons, Jason Peter, Ryan Leaf and Peyton Manning. The guys were all really cool and fun until Ryan Leaf came in. He couldn’t have been more difficult to work with and still stands as one of my worst shoots ever. Peyton came last and couldn’t have been a better dude. We took a lot of photos and chatted and had a blast. I wished him a great season and that was that. As he was leaving he remembered that he had brought along an autographed photo of his dad, in case anyone wanted to photograph him with it. Um, yes, yes Peyton I do. We took a couple of more shots and he then said, ‘Hey, would you like this photo?” Again, um, yes, yes Peyton I would!

Congratulations to Peyton Manning!

ptpix.peytonrookie copy

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