7.19.11 summer photo(s) of the day

Went carp fishing today with my friend Ryan. Partly for a fishing trip and partly for work on the outdoors portfolio. Had a blast in spite of the heat. Fly fishing for carp is a lot like hunting, you cruise around the flats area of the lake really slowly looking for fish and then you have to make a very accurate pinpoint cast and watch the fish to see if they eat the fly. The take is very subtle and you will not feel it, it is all done by sight. These fish fight like a fish 10x their size, they are beautiful, they are ugly, they are fast, they are smart. Can’t wait to do it again! Thanks Ryan!



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  1. Rosanne Lubin says:

    Very cool shots! In all my past fishing experiences, I’ve never seen one with a mouth like that….actually looks like lips!

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