7.28.11 summer photo of the day

This blast furnace of a summer is taking its toll on me. The gardens are sucking water, the A/C is blasting all day and night, people everywhere are staying indoors. While I was out and about today, running from car A/C to Starbux A/C to restaurant A/C, I took my photo of the day. But while I was sitting here I started thinking about some much cooler weather I encountered this past January in Wyoming.
I was visiting a friend in CO to work on my outdoors portfolio with a goose hunt. I got in a few days ahead of the hunt and we joined some other friends on a winter tailwater fishing trip. Well it was really, really cold. But the worst part was the wind. Wyoming is windy and while in July, you might like it, In Jan. it just sucked. While we crossed the prairie, the wind was just ripping across the road. We saw a couple of trailers that had been blown over. BLOWN OVER! The wind ripped the canvas cover off of the drift boat. Not the wind from driving with a boat on the trailer, but the cross wind. Unreal. When we got out to fix it, the guys I was with said this was the worst they had ever seen. And one of them hunts for elk in -20 degrees! But as the sun dropped down, the light got just magical. I took some shot from the lee side of the truck of the landscape, the snow fences the snow blowing, etc. I just kept hoping we would see something that would make for a more interesting photo before I lost the light. Then we came to it, one of the countries largest wind farms. I made some photos.Less than 5 minutes after I took this photo, the sun was gone.


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  1. Aaah! I can feel the breeze!

  2. Rosanne Lubin says:

    I love this shot…and after reading how cold and windy it was…gave it such a surreal feeling…

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