7.31.11 summer photo of the day

Longing – noun - strong, persistent desire or craving, especially for something unattainable or distant.

All they want to do is run around out side and scratch at the dirt. But they cost too much and there is the threat of hawks and falcons. So they long, long to be outside.

My father loves exotic chickens and other fowl. He raises them and sells them at farm auctions and buys new breeds. He built a very elaborate coop, but it is more than a coop. My mother calls it the fowl-mahhal. It has about 10-14 enclosures, some small, just a few square feet, and other very large, 100-150 square feet. It has running water and an automatic watering system, fans, electricity and a radio. The birds are very protected from the fox, raccoon and occasional wild pit bull that comes looking for an easy meal. These protections were learned by experience.  He has some pigeons, tumbling pigeons, they  were too hot to perform today. He also has a flock of laying hens, a lot of them. they have their own coop. All the chickens lay eggs, but the main layers have a special coop with plenty of laying boxes. The laying hens are free range and have an automatic door that closes them in at dusk. We get fresh eggs every time we visit, today we took home over 2 dozen. His interest in farm fowl and other domestic animals has grown. Today when we drove in we noticed the fence surrounding about 6 acres of his land. A very nice fence with solid timbers set into deep holes filled with cement. This is in preparation for the next obsession step. 4-5 longhorn cattle. Yup, cattle. He has been researching online the various ranches in Texas and has found at least one the ones he wants, an all black longhorn named ‘Tater Tot’. Not sure how all of that will work out, but I think at least one of the heads of cattle will be raised for consumption. I for one am looking forward to some grass fed NY Strips!


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  1. Rosanne Lubin says:

    First of all, the image of those adorable chickens is great…they remind me of a flat top canary we had…but, tell your folks not to name the new pets. Ask Lesley about her Grandparents and ‘Blackie’ who we refused to eat! ‘Whitey’ was born on my birthday which fell on Easter Sunday and she was not going to end up in someone’s freezer!

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