8.18.11 summer photos of the day

Tonight was the second food truck rodeo in Charlotte that Lesley and I went to. They call it the Chow Down in Uptown.  (info here)

Tonight we were joined by some great friends and made an evening of it. The food was awesome as usual, the crowd was much larger than last time. Some of the trucks were a bit overwhelmed by the crowd, I might even say all the trucks were. Roaming fork ran out of its signature grilled cheese about 45 minutes in, after I was standing in line for 20 minutes, the smoked meatloaf sandwich was a great substitute. Their line never dropped below 10-12 people or so. Other truck ran out of food and specialties just as fast. The lines were long and even though the cooks were working as fast as they could, some of the waits for dinner were over 25 minutes! A victim of their own success it seems. We once again had the great ribs and excellent meatball sandwhich. Everyone got a sandwich and we all shared so we could try as many different ones as we could. The cupcakes were a hit for everyone. We learned out lesson and bough them as soon as we arrived as they run out fast. then we all shared them later for dessert. I heard this was the last one for the year, but I hope not. It would be typical Charlotte to haver something good and then have it shut down.

Here are a few photos. In two of the shots I played around with combining multiple images, something I do from time to time.


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