8.25.11 summer photo of the day

I took a photo tonight, butI didn’t like the way it turned out. So I reached back a couple of weeks and pulled another from my day on the shrimp boat.

While out doing the shrimping, the boat is just mobbed by seagulls looking for an easy meal and trailed by the porpoises also looking for the easy meal. As the nets are being pulled up, the porpoises swims up along side and starts pulling fish out of the net through the holes! After the nets are lifted they hang back and the birds fly behind the boat. As the shrimpers go through the haul and start to push out the by-catch through slots in the sides of the boat, it all falls back into the ocean. The birds go crazy! What they don’t get on top, the porpoises get under the surface. Then the nets go down and the birds land on the rigging to rest and the porpoises fall back, waiting for the nets to come up again.


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