8.26.11 summer photo of the day

Tonight was the first home game of the season for Carson High School in Salisbury, NC. While I did not attend Carson, two of my nephews have and now my niece is a freshman there. My other nieces and nephews will attend the school in the next few years. So, back to football. My niece is a cheerleader on the varsity squad and tonight was their first home game. So, of course, the whole family had to go, much to my nieces’ dismay. She was not happy to have her uncle pointing his 70-200 at her for the whole game. She’ll thank me later! I know she was embarassed enough having us there so I won’t post a photo of her here.

But the weather was acting weird. Some drizzling rain and then this nasty cloud showed up. The outer bands of hurricane Irene. The air just stopped and there was just a strange feeling int he air and the light. It brought back memories to when I lived in tornado country. This is the kind of weather that happens right before a tornado forms. Tonight it blew out eventually and there were no funnel clouds!


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