8.29.11 summer photos of the day

Today I received a box in the mail. In the box were 18 flies. Not house flies, but flies for fishing. More specifically, flies for fishing for smallmouth bass. Smallies. Bronzebacks. I love fishing for smallies. They are a river fish here in the south. They usually don’t start really biting until the weather warms up. You can wet wade for them. It is awesome in the summer to be bouncing around a river, climbing over and around rocks. They will hit topwater flies with so much gusto that they often come right out of the water. I am not alone in this. I am a member of an online fly fishing forum of a questionable reputation. We have 100o’s of members from all over the world. We share fishing stories and photos and tips and flies and fly patterns. Almost all of us are also fly tiers, meaning we tie our own flies with thread, lead, feathers, chenile, fur, bucktail, flashy stuff and rubber legs. We often have swaps, where we get like 15 people together and we each tie 15 of our flies and mail them to the orginizer. He then separates them into groups of one each and mails them back to us. That was the box that came today. 18 smallie flies. 18 awesome smallie flies. I can’t wait to get out and try them out! When I am in a swap, I always photograph each fly that comes and post them to our forum so that those who were not involved can see what we are all doing. Here are a few of them. I did not tie any of these, they were tied by people I mostly have not met in person. and the other 17 of them have a fly that I tied. Believe it or not, these will all catch smallmouths.


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  1. Danae says:

    I could totally make some jewelry out of those. :-)

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