8.30.11 summer photo of the day

While digging through my hard drives, I came across this photo. I think it is the oldest photo that I have scanned, other thn some family ones. The oldest professional/semi-professional photograph. I took this while in college. It was a winter evening and I somehow managed to get a press pass to shoot the Harlem Globetrotters while they were visiting Rochester. I remember being very excited. I think my friend Aristide came along to shoot also. I was just shooting many photos of the game, all on film, it is what we used way back then, and I remember ‘seeing’ this happen. Of course I couldn’t know for sure until I developed the film. I sometimes really miss those late nights in the darkroom. I was pretty excited when I saw this shot. It lived in my portfolio for quite a while. I think it was shot in 1990 or 1991. I might have some other photos from my college era scanned and stored away as zeros and ones now that I think about it, but I always loved this photo.


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