8.6.11 summer photo of the day

Charlotte had massive thunderstorms yesterday, today the residual wet and humid heat kept me inside. I found it hard to really get too motivated to do anything today. I took a nap, for the first time in long time, ordered a sub for dinner and we watched a fly fishing movie called ‘The River Why’. I started thinking of better weather and of fishing and my thoughts turned to our trip to Montana. I then realized that it was this time exactly two years ago that we were in Montana! We closed on our house and left on our previously planned trip one week later. That means we also have been in our house for two years. Wow! Time really does fly by.

So it is with thoughts of the West and of better weather that todays photo comes from. This is a geothermal hotspring. The water coming out of this spring is heated to past the boiling point, 204 degrees! Many idiots people test the temp every year, I like to think of it as thinning the herd!

Here’s to better weather!


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