9.14.11 summer photo of the day

No, I am not in the market for a new Vespa. But if I was it would be bright red like this one! I dropped my silver Vespa off for a tune up and some electrical work today and took a look at the new scooters. Wow! There are some really nice ones. My Vespa is an ET4 which is a 150cc motor. It can do a sustained 60-65 mph. Not fast enough for a freeway ( it is licensed as a motorcycle so I would be legal in doing so, just not very smart! ) but fast enough for the surface roads and state hwy’s. I’m never the one holding up traffic. I saw one today with a 300cc motor! Holy crap, that thing must be super fast. Here it is Only 6k. Most of the cars I’ve owned in my lifetime cost less than that! Mine should be done tomorrow and I can’t wait to spend the fall tooling around town on it, I miss driving that thing! While I lived in NY, it was my only transportation. It is the most awesomest way to move about NYC. It still has the scars from being chained to light poles, scaffolding, street signs, anything that I could get it next to! I used to make a 45 minute tunnel line turn into 3 minutes Parking, FOGEDDABODDIT! There was always a place to chain up to. 55 miles a gallon. It does suck in the rain though.

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