9.3.11 summer photo of the day

First off, I want to wish a happy birthday to my lovely wife! Happy bithday Lesley!

A day late again. By the time we get back from galavanting around the city, I am so wiped out I head straight to bed! Yesterday was one of those days in SF where it was cols and foggy all day. Now, yo Lesley and I, who left 95 degree NC weather we welcomed the cold. A chance to wear a fleece pull over and not be to hot. But the fog did curtail our sightseeing. We stopped at the Ferry Building and enjoyed their market. I would love a market like that in Charlotte. Lunch at Gotts was ok, but the grazing at the other shops was excellent! Top of my list is Boccalone. Their tag line is “tasty salted pig parts”, ’nuff said. We then went to see the Palace of Fine Arts. A very cool place, but that was not our destination. We walked to the end of the jetty/breakwater to a place called the Wave Organ. It was easily one of the coolest things I have ever seen. On a clear day the views would be unbeatable. At high tide, the waves lapping up against the rocks make some great sounds. This organ has sound chambers under the rocks and sound tubes that pipe the sounds up to the listener who are sI took this shot of the Golden Gate Bridge while we were there. Or what I really mean is, I took this shot of what you can see of he Golden Gate Bridge while we were there.

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