9.4.11 summer photo of the day

Had a great day today celebrating Lesley’s birthday. Started off with real Hong Kong style dim sum at Yank Sing, known as the best and most authentic dim sum in San Francisco. This was my first time having a ‘real’ dim sum and man was it good. We especially liked the Xiaolongbao, or soup dumplings. They are dumpling wrappers filled with pork and soup. Delicate, you must take care when serving and eating. I also really liked the Peking Duck rolls. Going with Kirk and LL was a real treat as they used to live in Beijing, speak enough Chinese to order and love food adventures as much as we do, although they are a little more adventurous that we are! Thanks for sharing this with us!

After a quick trip to the Apple store, which was a much, much, much better experience than visiting the one in Charlotte, to get Les’s iPhone replaced, we headed down to the biggest tourist place in SF, Pier 39. ugh, it was awful and a sea of awful humanity. But we were not there for the souvenirs stores or the Bubba Gump Shrimp. We were there to meet a boat. We took a bay tour, but instead of taking one of the big triple decker diesel burning boats full of people, we went out on a sail boat with only a handful of folks. It was a great time, no blasting pre-recorded tour crap, no stinking diesel fumes, just the open sea and wind and spray and a few dozen other boats! It had been foggy most of the day and the sun came out for a bit while we were sailing. We rounded Alcatraz, went under the bridge and then headed back along the city shoreline. It was a pretty nice way to spend a couple of hours this afternoon.

So, for the second day in a row, here is the Golden Gate Bridge with a sailboat in front of it. Might not be the most original photo, but I think it is kinda cool.

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  1. Uncle Arthur says:

    Told ya, Yank Sing rocks! Glad to hear and see you and Les having a great time. Like the above photo. Are you using a UV filter. Would love to learn to photograph like you. So many things, so little time!

  2. Rosanne Lubin says:

    Great pic! When we were in San Francisco, that grey sky was all we saw! The sun never made an appearance. I remember remarking to someone in one of the shops and hearing we were from Miami, the reply was, “gross…how can you stand that bright sun every single day!”

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