a little BTS ( behind the scenes )

Just finished up the first shoot on Monday for the next Alec Bradley Cigar campaign. It was a blast! Out on the edge of the Everglades, 45 extras, 3 MC’s ( The Defenders, the Shamrocks and the American Freedom Riders ) all in their colors and with their awesome bikes. We almost had an alligator in the shot at the last minute when one of the Gator Boys rode up! We went thru a TON of cigars and a great time was had by everyone. Many thanks to Alec Bradly, Alan Rubin, Jeff Moss, Dylan Moss, G, and Angie without whom this shoot would never have been made. I’ll post up the finished shot as soon as it is published! It looks awesome!AB.biker.crewshot.blog

IMG_6737 IMG_6736 IMG_6725 IMG_6731

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