A little fishing in Augusta

I finally got a chance to head down to the Savannah River for a little fishing today. I’ve fished it 2-3 times before, but never very seriously, just kinda prospecting. There is a canal that runs alongside the river and to be honest, I’ve been looking foreword to getting in there and floating it, it just looks so ‘fishy’. When I get the new yak I should be able to get in there. But, back to today. Bella and I ran down to the river to catch the last of the sunlight. Got there around 5 or so and fished until it was too dark, of course, making it difficult to walk back along the slippery shoals. The river has sunnies and shoal bass and some small mouth bass. The fisheries folks say there aren’t any small mouth in the Savannah, but they are there and they’ve started to create some kind of hybrid with the shoalies. Bella has a blast swimming around and she loves crawling all over the rocks. She stands near me and doesn’t splash the pools. A good dog. The light was great, the water warm, and the little fishes biting. I got 5 sunnies and 5 shoalies to my hand, and broke off two big bass. All the fish came on a small gurgler tied esp. for the Savannah. I had fished a regular sized gurlger before and the fish loved it and hit it like crazy but it was too big so i tied a few on smaller hooks and today was the first chance I had to test them out. They worked! 

Here are a few pix from today.

pretty shoalie.

Pretty little sunnie, but so little. Bella is thinking ‘snack?’

Which way is the rock?

Those white toes really stand out. She couldn’t keep from tangling in the fly line.

Her own little island.

The river here is really nice.

‘You catching anything?’


The light was just awesome!

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