A quick mini session in Miami.

On New Year’s day Lesley and I made an unplanned drive from Charlotte to Miami, spending 4 days with her entire family. It was awesome, such nice people. Everyone went out of their way to make me feel welcomed and comfortable during a tough time. We had a nice sunday dinner at her aunt’s home and almost all of the family was there (some were at the Dolphins game, watching the end of the season). I had brought along my cameras, of course, and the light was right and the setting right, so we decided to take some photos of all the kids who were there. Fun times! We used Stuart’s old ford truck, 1965 custom cab, that had the perfect patina for a quickie shoot like this. Some of the kids warmed up right away, others took some time but in the end everyone was not wanting it to stop. The only reason we did is that we ran out of sunlight! I did get to use the new 5d, so these files are pretty awesome. Thanks to everyone who helped and to all the kids who wouldn’t stop smiling!

Stuart and his truck.


Cousins Hannah and Rachel


cousins Hannah and Rachel








The oh so serious Lindsey!


She can laugh too!




Sisters Morgan and Lexi in a natural state






Evan and his curls


Evan out cruising


Evan loves his mommy


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  1. audra says:

    Great pictures. Kids and dogs enjoying life. What is better?! I read further, and am truly inspired by your generosity this Christmas. I am sure that the lucky family feels blessed that you came into their lives.

    Thank you!

    thanks Audra! Glad you guys like the pix. – pt

  2. Arhtur says:

    Great eye! Great subjects! Great Pictures! You have a gift, a talent and a passion and you use them well.

    Thanks Arthur! I appreciate the comments. – pt

  3. My sister says:

    Absolutely adorable children. The pictures are amazing! I hope you will share them with Lesley’s family. They would love to have such amazing photos! My kids are next! haha!

    Thanks AC! – pt

  4. Miriam says:

    Hi Handsome, Chris and I loved all the sun in those images… looks like you’ve got some great glass and your travels are making us drool… thanks for the well wishes for Roark, we look forward to you camping in our living room again this summer… xo -M

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