Abi’s 8th birthday! Happy Birthday Abi!

So, yesterday was my niece Abi’s 8th birthday. Hard to believe she is getting so old. So, another party was to be thrown in my BIL’s garage, or as he calls it his ‘man-cave’. He gladly gives it up a few times a year so the kids can have parties. It is a great space for it, no spills to worry about and plenty of room. My sister Amy, is not one to just have a ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ game and a bowl of chips. Oh no. Planning starts months ahead, there is testing of party supplies and configuring of gift bags. This years theme was a ‘spa day’. She made special lotions and soaps, all labeled with a Abi’s birthday label. mirrors were set up, high hair styling chairs were searched out and acquired. a complete nail station was set up. Boa’s and hair extensions of all sorts of colors were supplied. Flat and curling irons were stocked up and power strips were filled to capacity. For a while there it was all smoking hair and elbow room only in front of the mirror. nails were done and glitter flew! Everyone got a hand lettered gift bag full of candy and spa stuff and a good time was had by all. Check out the photos!

the birthday girl, Abi


the girls getting all dolled up





Even the big girls couldn’t resist having their hair done


before and after


goodies and gift bags



cake time!


Jake learns a lesson – Don’t trust girls!!



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