Another shoot for Macleans

A couple of months ago I got a call from Macleans for another portrait gig. I was up for it, I enjoyed working with them, and this seemed like it would be a cool shoot. It was in Wilmington, NC, so it was a long drive in, shoot for a couple of hours, and a long drive home. The person they needed a portrait of was John Jeremiah Sullivan, an author. (more bio here) John has spent a long time being on the road and immersing himself in his articles. He was now going to start staying home. They needed a shot showing him at home to fill the long panoramic format of this section. I did some basic research before leaving and found John’s work to be very well done and a fun read. I arrived at the house, met John, and we spent the next couple of hours just hanging out and taking some photos. I really enjoyed the shoot and meeting him. But, one of the neatest things is that John’s home was used as the home of one of the characters from One Tree Hill! Before I left, Lesley said it was too bad she couldn’t go as she would have loved to see some of the locations and whatever else might be filming there. When I texted her about John’s house, she knew exactly which one it was and which character. She then found a really funny article that John had written for GQ about living in a famous house and his experiences during the filming. It is quite a funny read, check it out here.

This is how Macleans used the photo online -

Some outtakes that I like -

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