Last summer I was the still photographer on a movie called Ashby. As a member of Local 600, the cinematographers union, I was a full credited member of the crew, and yes, I am listed int he credits! While this production was considered an indie or a low budget movie, it sure doesn’t feel like it when you watch or when  they made it. Everything from my point of view was pretty easy going with only a few small bumps. Being the stills guy on a set is an interesting position, you are a full fledged member of the camera team, but you also have to move around and see what the other crews are doing to help anticipate where to be for the next shot. You have to talk to the producers, the director, the talent, the grips, electricians and the set decorators. I love not being tied to one point of view. This movie filmed for 28 days and I produced 1000′s of images.

I am loving what they did with the stills. On the left is the official movie poster and the small images were all used in a social media campaign. The movie is getting pretty good reviews and I watched it the day it came out, I really enjoyed it. You can see it in select theaters and you can rent/stream it here – Ashby


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