Back from Cali, on to Augusta!

Been away for a little bit. I planned on posting from California, but things didn’t go so smoothly while there. The weddings I shot went just fine, but Laura’s little girl, Willa, came down with a fever and had to spend 4 days in the hospital! Poor little peanut. She was a trooper and rebounded well, but there were some lingering questions and many tests were run. It was determined that there was a kidney issue and she would need to be operated on. Well the operation was last Wednesday and she is all better! The Dr. has given her a clean bill. I’m not sure exactly what was done, but it was done well! I am so relieved, and happy for Daniel and Laura. Here is a snapshot of the happy family when we stopped for breakfast after the first wedding we did on June 28th, before WIlla got her fever. We stopped in the town of Summerland, CA, just south of Santa Barbara, on the coast. It was a lovely little town and the breakfast was awesome!


I got back from Cali on the 5th after shooting a wedding on the 4th, spent a week helping my mom get her website ready, which should launch soon, July 29th is the target day. Then I headed off to Augusta for the start of the archiving project at ANGC. Been a busy few weeks and on top of it, I tweaked a knee last week and had to have it drained, 40cc of fluid was taken out of it. Fun stuff.

So stay tuned for regular postings to begin again, with a round up of a couple of smallmouth bass fishing trips, the two weddings, and a children’s shoot with my 2 nieces.

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