Night time exploration…..

So, I was on yet another road trip last month. This time for a client, I visited 6 of North Carolinas best steakhouses. Good stuff. 600 miles, 4 rib eyes, one sirloin and a filet. You’ll have to wait a bit to see those photos, can’t show them until after the story runs. But when I am on the road like that, by myself, I like to explore and take my time after I am done with the shoot. I don’t like to sit in a hotel room. I go for a walk or a drive thru whatever area I am in. I love shooting at night. The light is really awesome and quite directional, very chiaroscuro style, light/dark/light/dark. I love how things pop in and out of the lights. I don’t like how some photographs taken at night look like they were taken during the day. It is easy to let a shutter burn for 2 minutes and brighten everything up. I like to keep it darker. I have been working on nighttime photos for a few years. On this road trip I was driving between little towns, finishing one restaurant on my way to a hotel that was not there, when I went thru the town of Oxford, NC. I was on a two lane road that started heading into an unsavory part of town when I saw this place popping off the black sky. I often look for places that are lit by themselves. You’d be surprised at how often there is other light pollution and other buildings or bridges in the way. So I pulled into the parking lot, used my truck door as a support and made a photograph. I really like this one and think it will go up on our wall. What do you think?


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