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Got a call from a new client a few months ago, Bicycling Magazine. They had an assignment in Statesville, NC. Their Art Director Jimmy found me thru the standard web searches and Wonderful Machine. We talked on the phone about bikes and riding and Penn. and then we talked about the assignment. Kinda a cool thing, turns out one of the largest mountain bike collections in the world is in Statesville, at First Flight Bicycles. Walking into the shop, you are already blown away by the size and amount of cool and unusual bikes all over the sales floor. But then you look up and there are over 100 more vintage bikes along the walls and hanging from the ceiling! Pretty awesome stuff. Then I met the owner and collector, Jeff Archer, and he says, are you ready to see the Museum? What? There’s more? The Museum of Mountain Bike Art and Technology is not he second floor and houses over 350 bikes, mountains of components, tires, jerseys, wheels (even wooden wheels) and frames. He has one of the first Breezers, look it up! I found this shoot to be both hard and easy. One one hand there is visual candy everywhere you look, but on the other hand, how do you capture the enormity of the collection. I settled on shooting a 7 frame pano that was stitched together in PS. Turned out pretty good, dontcha think? Jimmy liked my work so much, that I have already shot a second gig for them. Repeat clients make me happy!


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