Catching up, lotsa photos!

Well it has been a while since I updated. It’s been a very busy, crazy time. The house projects are mostly done. I am moved into my new office. The shed is built. The walls are painted. Lighting updated. We had a trip to Florida and I had a fishing trip that turned into a fly tying trip because of the poor weather and rough seas. I have also been shooting quite a few different things. This post is from  our road trip back in September and our trip to Florida. Mostly these are just some photos that I wanted to share. I am hoping to get a few more posts in before the end of the year.

I hope everyone has a great and safe Holiday Season!

This boat is huge and has a history according to Google. Yes that is a helicopter on the deck. This was in Montauk, NYblogboat909

This is my friend and super talented photographer Cary Conover. He shoots in a pool league in NYC. I taught him everything he knows. Just kidding, I’ve not been able to beat him in a long time.


This is the view from our room at the Cooper Square Hotel, looking uptown. Not to shabby.


While in NYC we visited the Met. I had not been there in over 30 years and I had forgotten how much I love it. We went to catch the Robert Frank exhibit of his classic work, ‘The Americans’. No photos were allowed in the exhibit and I followed the rules for a change!


A close Close.


I love me some Jackson Pollock


Part of the Asian art wing.


This is The Tomb of Perne. It is very impressive and only peaks my interest in traveling to see more Egyptian sites.


In the Roman and Greek wing.


Hand carved Buddha’s, there were hundreds of them on this one piece. I am in awe of the craftsmanship and effort put into what we consider art today.


While driving outside of Philly, we came across this abandoned rose green house operation. At least I think it is abandoned, it was way over grown with much broken glass and roses and other plants everywhere. It was a photographers dream. I would love to go back, but I’m not sure I could find it again.


While in Miami I visited with my friend Mark and we stopped for a happy hour drink at one of my favorite watering holes, Mac’s Club Deuce, a great dive bar on Miami Beach.

It’s five o’clock somewhere!


The E-Train!!!!


Always a photo waiting to be made at the Deuce.


Neon left over from a 1980′s Miami Vice episode!


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  1. Mom Lubin says:

    Peter…LOVE these pics…all are great but I think I especially love the rose greenhouse with the roses growing out of the roof!

  2. Willis Loughhead says:

    Peter, the greenhouse shots are great, and of course I liked the Deuce shots….it has been awhile, but they took me back.

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