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20 – support a local CSA

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Lesley and I signed up for a CSA earlier this year. We did a farm visit and loved the place and after talking to the owner took one of the few open spots. The farm is the Poplar Ridge Farm in Waxhaw, NC. They  are a certified organic farm by the USDA. We wanted to do this for a few reasons. We both believe in supporting local businesses and local farmers, we both thought we should be eating better and instead of going to the farmers market every week and forgetting some weeks, we opted to have the boxes delivered right to the front door. We believe in trying to eat locally and cutting some of the petroleum out of our diet, meaning less shipping costs. Also we think the seasons are there for a reason, so why not eat with them. Of course we will stray and eat from the super market in the winter, but we are really trying to eat what is in season, when it is in season. 

So this is the 3d week of deliveries. We have had a huge box each week filled with vegetables, both new and familiar. Some we know by sight, others we are thankful for Google. Others we just don’t know.  We are getting carrots that are so good. Radishes were a new one to me…well of course, I’ve heard of radishes, but I am new to eating them. Purple Kohlrabi, Pak Choi, both of the cabbage family. Greens like you wouldn’t believe – Bright Lights Swiss Chard, Red Giant Mustards, Red Russian Kale, Encore Lettuce, Bilko Cabbage, Flash Collards, Beet Greens, etc,etc. Also some Renegade Spinach, Arugula, mesclun mix, micro greens (baby shoots of different vegetables that are intense in flavor and nutrients in tiny packages of goodness), and Nevada Head Lettuce. Some leeks, some spring onions, and some regular onions. Seriously. This stuff is all so good. We have tried to eat it all and have tried quite a few new recipes, like Chard and Prosciutto Risotto and Scrambled Pasta with Spring Greens. We have frozen some carrots and sautéed some kale.

The farm partners up with some other like-minded farms and also offers as add-ons organic free range pork and chicken, all harvested the week of delivery, eggs, bread, other produce that they are not growing and flowers. This week we ordered a flower order, and it is just amazing…$15 bux and has to be a 10 inch bundle. And this will go on for 23 more weeks! We can’t wait.


When the first box came, I decided to lay everything out and take a photo This of course led me to start looking at the rest of the veggies individually, and then I took photos of them by themselves. I did it again for week 2 and then again today. I am going to try and do this every week, just to keep a record and to keep me shooting and to help build a stock of vegetable photos. I will post here sporadically, but am trying to post to Facebook every week.

So here are some pix………



week one full delivery.blogweek2

week 2 full delivery.



week 3 full delivery.




Purple Kohlrabi.


Micro Greens.


Spring Onions, Scallions.


Easter Egg Radishes.




Nevada Head Lettuce.


Pak Choi.


Bright Lights Swiss Chard.










Green Leafy Lettuce.


White Onions.




No idea. If you know, please tell us!


Again, no idea. If you know, please tell us!

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