Dogwood 08

I happen to think that the Dogwood flower is the only perfect flower in the whole world. I love all flowers and think highly of many others, but the dogwood…….. maybe it is that it blooms as spring does, after most of the rains and as the weather is turning warm. maybe it is starkness of the white blooms against a still brown and dark woods. One of my favorite things is when hiking and you come across a random branch blooming in the middle of a forest, illuminated and brightened by a shaft of sunlight, just enough to let a few blooms open up.
Many years ago, 1995 I think is the earliest, I started photographing the dogwoods. At first it was just dogwoods that I stumbled across, then I started seeking them out in hard to reach places, think long hikes and stuck trucks. I have put more effort into it in some years than others. Once I used a hotel room, once I pulled over on the PA turnpike in a rain storm to run into the woods after a flash of white caught my eye, once I trimmed about 4 branches full of blooms and set up a studio in my apartment, breaking a long period of not shooting (over a year).
This year was fairly easy. Being my first springtime here in NC, I happened to find 8-10 dogwood trees right on my parents property, never knew it. The weather was overcast yesterday and the blooms just screamed to me. I think it was the subdued light. I am pretty happy with what I got, but will still keep my eyes open, maybe even shooting some on film. ( I’ve been meaning to run some experiments with film and a lab that offers scanning at a very reasonable price, ie- cheap )








Bella hung out with me while I was contemplating the flowers.


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  1. Tammie says:

    Peter, I love the blurry one – or is it out of focus? :) You explained the difference to me via a conversation you had with another person who had it backward. Either way, I like that one best!!!! It is a beautiful flower and I think I feel the same way about Daisies as you do about Dogwoods though I have not stopped on the Turnpike to view any. I too love the awakening of Spring and how there can be just a hint of green or a single bud in a sea of winter. You know Spring is on it’s way and then in the blink of an eye – it is upon us in full bloom. Just amazing. It is as if the world simple wakes up one day, stretches and is fully into Summer. I love SPring and it never lasts long enough for me. Thanks for including me on your blog and I do hope to keep up with your antics!!! T

  2. michelle says:

    ooh these are beautiful!!! but i’m still a bit partial to Bella :P

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