Dogwood 09

So a couple of weeks ago I was feeling upset that I hadn’t been able to find the time to shoot my dogwood photos for the year and it was getting warm already and the ones I was finding were already dropping petals and getting spots on the remaining ones, just looking like the end of their cycle. I try to shoot dogwoods every year, I think it is the prettiest flower and a wonderful tree. Last year I was able to shoot them on my parents property and you can see them here . This year I drove by them all over the place and just never had the time or the inspiration to stop and do the shots. It was really starting to bug me. Then I was doing a quick shoot for Rodale Publishing in a park here in Charlotte and as I was leaving decided to drive thru the park and came across this awesome dogwood tree, one of the biggest I have seen with more blooms than I could even hope for. Many of the blooms were starting to turn, but I found more than a few that were perfect, or at least perfect for me.


So here they are for 2009, the dogwoods…..




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