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So I sent out my first email promotion at 3pm today. I chose to use email promotion instead of the traditional postcard or printed piece for a couple of reasons. First, it is much “greener”. When you send out 1500 postcards, you got to figure that 1300 of them are going to be thrown away, give or take. That is a lot of waste, even though most big office buildings have recycling in place, it is still a lot of waste. Secondly, it is cheaper over all. For me, right now, it was a better idea to buy a list subscription and use email promos. The cost is 4-8 cents a piece for an email (not including the list subscription from Agency Access) vs. 50 cents to 1 dollar per printed piece plus the list subscription plus the postage. It is also easier to get to my website, just a click, vs. having to type in the address. a little thing, but anything to make it easier to get to my work.
So I sent out my promo to a list of 1377 creative professionals in magazines, ad agencies, corporate art buyers, music companies, etc. I sent to all national magazines and to agencies in the Southeast region.
My stats so far are of the 1377 sent, about 75 out of office replies, 268 opens, 23 click thru’s, and 2 unsubscribes. some of the opens have multiple opens. does this mean they went back to it? or that they were sharing the promo with co-workers? I don’t know. I’m waiting for my web stats to update so I can see how much traffic increased. I don’t know if the stats will change much tomorrow or next week, this is my first one. But I will be watching them. One thing I will try on the next one in 4 weeks will be a different day and a little earlier in the day.

Here is the promo I sent. the whole image was a link to my website.


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  1. Miriam Lomaskin Chris Corder says:

    HI Peter, love that you’re blogging. cheers -Miriam

  2. michelle says:

    hey.. good luck with the e-mailer…the image is really fun… let me know how it goes… since I’m still postcarding, recycled at that.

  3. your snake is a queen snake, Regina septemvittata, I am 90% sure. They are harmless but fairly rare to see nasking like that! way cool pic!!

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