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Well, here it is. My first official post on my blog. I will be posting on many subjects, mostly about photography, but also about my life, my dog, fishing, and any other random idea that pops into my head.

The first one is about fishing. I am going to try to keep a running total of all the fish I catch this year. I have to guess for the period up until this week, but I think it will be pretty close.

On Monday the BIL, his friend C, and I went on up to fish the Mitchell River near Elkin, NC. The Mitchell is a nice piece of Delayed Harvest water that is managed and maintained by the local Trout Unlimited chapter. It is stocked and it is catch and release most of the year. There is a 3 month period where you can keep the dumb hatchery fish that will bite on the locals Powerbiat and corn. But after a stocking the poachers show up and try to clean it out. They have done a pretty good job so far this winter, but after the last stocking it seems there are more fish in the river than before. We got there early and the bite was not on. I managed to sneak one brown trout while the other two guys got none. After that we drove on over to look at the mountain lot where the cabin is to be built. The grader still has not bothered to do his job. We popped into Stone Mountain to fish the creek there, at the first overlook, you could see the trout just stacked in feeding lanes 2-3 deep. Now, just because you can see them does not mean you can catch them. I got out to try that hole while they drove up about 100 yards. I threw some midges at em, dropped under an elk hair caddis. then a caddis pupae. I swear I think the fly bounced off their heads or they just moved to the side when came at em. they were good drifts, just the wrong fly. I tried a fly that had worked for me before, a BWO pupae. I then got 3 in a row. I got a trifecta! A brooke trout, a rainbow trout, and a brown trout!
The other guys each managed to pick up one trout a piece, so no one left skunked for the day.

The Crappie I got in the Dr.’s farm pond across the street. It took a black wooly bugger that I tied. It is the biggest crappie I have ever caught.

Brown Trout

Species and totals for 2008

Brook Trout – 2
Rainbow Trout – 5
Brown Trout – 7
Largemouth Bass – 8
Bluegill – 10
Sunfish – 6
Black Crappie – 2

Brown trout

Rainbow trout

brown trout

brook trout

black crappie

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