Fishing round up for the year so far.

So this year has been a bit slow fishing wise. Last year I was between Augusta projects and had quite a bit of free time to fish. This year, not so much, much busier shooting, doing promotions and schlepping my book around. I have managed to get out a few times, maybe 10 days total. I have a few trips planned over the summer and am very excited. There are a couple of small mouth trips coming up and there is a trip to Montana in Aug. I’m guessing a trip or two to Miami.

So far this year I have been bass fishing, trout fishing, redfish fishing and shad fishing. The red fish and shad trips were busts. Meaning no fish caught, but still a great day on the water. Had some great trout days, some great sun fish days and the bass are starting to wake up.

I’ve started doing some urban fishing, searching for hidden ponds ( if you know of any, please tell me ) and seeing if there are any fish in them. So far, I’ve found a few.

I’ve updated the fish count page for the year and included a little description about the way I think about fishing by popular request. So take a look and let’s hope those numbers rise soon! In the meantime here are a few photos from trips so far this year:

This is the Beaver Dam Creek, in TN.


Part of my urban exploration. I call it UBE or Urban Bass Exploration. Yes, I know this is a sunny, but I have caught bass too.


See, here is a 3-4 lb bass taken out of a dirty pond hidden away in a sub-division in S. Charlotte! This pond is full of em!


The Savannah River was beautiful, but the shad were just not there that day.


A nice sized Shellcracker.


A wonderful private secret pond I was privileged to fish.


About the size of my luck this year!


Checking out a small cove.


End of the day on Mountain Island Lake.


My friend Jeff dabbling a little in the Beaver Dam.


Slab of a crappie out of a farm pond.


This is what trout eat. V1.1


This is what trout eat. V1.2


Brown trout!


Another Brownie.


Fat Rainbow trout from the Nantanhala River.


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  1. Miriam says:

    hahaha, your dinky fish and your office fish made me laugh!! What lovely portraits…

  2. Overbrook says:

    Peter…..I’ve been hounding Blake every chance I get….we’re gonna hit that secret pond again this spring or summer…I’ll keep ya posted… the way…how ya like that 1880 reel? I love it…I also got the cheaper 1680….figure it would be easier on the pocket buying extra spools. They both have a drag that will stop a freighttrain!!

    • peter says:

      I love that reel, although the drag loosens up from time to time. Hitting up that pond again would be awesome. You know there are some hogs in there, we just couldn’t find em!

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