Fishing trip to Shady Valley, TN

WOW! What a great trip. This was the spring 'Show' for the Southeast Fly FIshing Forum. About 35 guys showed up, we camped in a field, had great meals, huge fires, and lotsa lying and fish stories.

I got up there on Wed, met Josh and hit the Soho, the South Holston RIver. What an incredible fishery. It is a wild Tail water. We met up with Josh's friend Blake, who loves the river so much, he bought a house nearby just so he can fish it 300 days a year! We fished the Soho for 4 days, fished from 8am to 9pm most days. We caught 2 spinner falls, where the mayflies mate in a huge cloud of bugs, this goes on for maybe 30 minutes then the females drop down into the riffles and drop the eggs, while the males just die and fall into the water. This creates a massive feeding frenzy from the trout, they cruise up and down stream just to get there. We even saw a big wake running through some riffles of a brown trout moving into position. It is easy fishing, just toss out a fly, but with so many naturals, the trout can be a bit picky. We stopped in at the South Holston River Fly Shop every morning just to say hi, of course it cost me 20-50 bux each time! We fished so late every night, we missed dinner a couple of times, but were back to camp in time to sit around the fire and hear stories of everyone's day, drink a couple of beers and try to stay warm and dry. It rained every night we were there! The weather was on the cool to cold side and the wind didn't help at all.
Man, it was a really good time, I was so exhausted when I got back on Sunday, I just fell asleep. 
I hope the photos tell you more of the story.

Josh and Blake watching the Sulphurs and waiting for them to fall


Josh casting to some fish

Josh with a fish on!


Brown trout who took a split case Sulphur nymph


Brown Trout trying to shake the fly.


Paul releasing a brown


Sulphur mating cloud



Josh in the fog


Classic Soho riffles


Josh, Paul, and JB walking back to the car after the spinner fall under the full moon.

Fish Totals as of 5.20.08

Species and totals for 2008

Brook Trout – 23
Native Wild Brook trout – 15
Rainbow Trout – 21
Brown Trout – 37
Largemouth Bass – 20
Sunfish – 83
Black Crappie – 7

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  1. Miriam says:

    Peter, I’ve never seen them mate, how lovely!!

  2. ptp says:

    Thanks for the comment M. I didn’t actually see them MATE, but they were doing it, it’s all the get to do in their 24 hour life. those suckers move pretty quickly! It was quite a site. Find a riffles in the river and go there at dusk, you will probably see em if the river has a good insect life cycle. They will be right above the riffles.


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