George Clooney in this little town of Salisbury

So today I shot my first press conference in a very long time. George Clooney and Renee Zellweger were in twon to promote their new movie ‘Leatherheads’. It is a period piece about early football. Quite a bit of the movie was filmed in NC and some of it right here in Salisbury. Salisbury is an old city has done a pretty good job of protecting its historical assets.
So they show up, an hour late, of course. It was a well run affair. When the stars took off down an unexpected line of fans, they quickly took the photographers to a location where we could get some shot of them interacting with the fans. Average shots. But they were upbeat and happy. We all moved inside and they took some questions. George was actually pretty funny and poked good natured fun at the reporters who asked for parts in the next movie. Ethical lapse? Renee didn’t say much, just kinda sat their looking hot.
I was shooting for Getty Images and the pictures were online by 3pm. I saw a few uses online already. Including at least one that I’m sure is an infringement.
It felt good to be back shooting again.






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