Going back to Cali, Cali, Cali………..

Been kinda slow around these here parts lately. Did get to do some Smallmouth fishing on the New River near Sparta, NC. Fishing was slow, but good company as I was hanging with some of the guys from the Carolina Fly Fishing Club. Been feeling a bit under the weather as I get ready to head out to LA for 9 days. I am heading out to second shoot 2 weddings with my friend Laura. Laura runs an excellent wedding photography business in LA specializing in shooting film (!). We are working on building a wedding book for me so that I can become one of her photographers. I love going out there, I miss LA. Laura and her awesome husband Daniel and their lovely daughter Willa, live in a great neighborhood between Santa Monica and Venice. They have a guest house whose first floor is Laura's office and the second floor is where I stay. It is so nice to just head to the beach and watch the surfers and the tourists. When I lived in LA, Laura and I were housemates, and we lived on the Eastside. So of course we stayed away from the Westside, other than a few trips to the beach. But now I like the Westside better. One of the things I like about LA is how easy it is to be 'green' and to eat healthy. Where I am now there is NO recycling and healthy eating means veggies from a can. In LA, everyone carries their own reusable water bottles, you can eat fresh fruits and veggies on every corner, there are businesses set up for 'green' cleaning of your house. You can drive your scooter without people thinking your doing so because you got a DWI! Oh, and I can play poker in LA!!

Anyway,I checked the weather and it is like 75-80 and sunny the whole time, lows in the low 60's. Just perfect. I'll be posting from Cali, so stay tuned.
Here are some photos taken on Venice Beach when I was out there in Feb.




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