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One of the biggest reason we bought the house we did is for the very large yard. It is almost a full acre and we are 3 miles from downtown center. Kinda crazy. I know there are larger lots here in Charlotte and 1 acre doesn’t compare to some of you who live  in the sticks, but it is awesome for us. The dogs love it, love it, love it. They will run and run and play all day. They have made a little path around the fence and sheds. And I feel sorry for whichever squirrel stumbles when I open the back door, they will be a goner if these dogs ever manage to catch one. While we were house hunting and checking out the neighborhood, we saw three deer in a yard about 10 houses away. That was pretty cool. Then one night after a late shoot I came home to an 8 pt buck standing in our driveway! We have had deer int he backyard, they jumped the fence to get in and out and the other night a herd of 8 strolled right across the driveway while we were standing there. I’m sure there is other wildlife around, but that is what I  have seen so far. Oh, we have heard an owl a few house away. We want him to come here!

We also love birds and decided to put out feeders. And before you knew it we have 9 feeding stations set up! Can you say obsessed committed! We have replaced some of our earliest ones with better and prettier ones. We just were gifted with an awesome anti-squirrel feeder from Lesley’s mom that spins the squirrels away, can’t wait to see that in action! So now we have 7 feeders with seed and 2 with suet. It has been awesome to watch the birds. We have some many kinds it is kinda crazy, we can have over 10 species in an hour! We have had 2 types of woodpeckers, cardinals, wrens, finches, bluebirds, all kinds! I am hoping for blue jays but that would be both good and bad, as I hear they chase away a lot of other birds. We would love an owl and a couple of other types of woodpeckers, but we are mostly very happy with what we are getting.

I decided I would like to take some pix of these birds for both fun and for help in identifying the ones we couldn’t. So, I dug up my 300 f4 and took the screens off the windows and started shooting. Now, these photos are not of the best quality, many are shot at very high ISO’s and are cropped very heavily, like 1/8 of the frame or even less. I could do better with a 400 2.8 and a 2x converter, but, alas, I sold mine about 10 years ago when I stopped shooting sports. So here is what I have done with what I have on hand! If you know any of the birds I can’t identify or notice an mis-identified birds, please let me know!


Eastern Bluebird – we love our bluebirds and hope they nest nearby this spring. We have 3 houses throughout the yard spaced well apart.12010birds203

Eastern Bluebird110backyardbirds76Not sure who this is, maybe a wren?110backyardbirds74

Tufted Titmouse – a very regal bird12010birds182

Tufted Titmouse110backyardbirds77A common Dove110backyardbirds78Downy Woodpecker – we LOVE the woodpeckers. We have also had a Red Bellied Woodpecker110backyardbirds88

Downy Woodpecker12010birds189

Purple Finch – we also have an orange-faced one, but I can’t find him in the bird books or online.12010birds196

Goldfinch I beleive110backyardbirds91Black-capped Chickadee110backyardbirds93Nuthatch110backyardbirds95We love our Cardinals! We have quite a few of them and just love the flashes of red!110backyardbirds9812010birds167I love the ‘What is he doing, What is he pointing at me’ look in his eye!12010birds185Not sure, do you know? Some kind of wren or sparrow?12010birds1813 kinds of birds on the feeder at once!12010birds199Grackles  - the jury is still out on them. They come en masse and make a mess. Those are two bluebirds on the wire in the background.12010birds202Thought this was a gold finch, but now I am not sure. Some help, please?12010birds209I hate the squirrels. But just can’t bring myself to shoot em yet. They’ll just keep coming. 12010birds204110backyardbirds85

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  1. Cary says:

    “I hate the squirrels. But just can’t bring myself to shoot em yet.” You mean shoot them with a gun? Here I was enjoying pictures of wildlife and then I get to the end where you want to do some squirrel sniping. Damn dude that’s just cruel.

    • peter says:

      Hey Cary, I guess I didn’t explain that well enough, I meant with an air gun or slingshot, just to scare em away, negative re-enforcement! I’m not about killing the wildlife! But they do make a huge mess and drive the dogs crazy! I sure could do with seeing them in the neighbors yard! Come visit!

  2. Adrienne H. says:

    Peter, The upper photo is indeed a gold finch. A female one. They are not as bright as the males, in color that is :) The lower photo also looks like a gold finch, but a male. Both sexes lose their really bright coloring in the winter months. If you look around, they are probably still in your yard, but much duller.

  3. Mom Lubin says:

    Ok, just for his personal ‘protection’ I’ll be the first to vouch that Peter really doesn’t want to kill the squirrels! We have our very first pair of squirrels and I will agree, I had to move feeders out from under trees…caught the squirrels digging in our flower baskets…but I did put out a bunch of corn for them! We have a huge flock of morning doves and I think they got really ticked off by the squirrels because they ARE big hogs!

  4. Tom Parker says:

    Peter: The lower photo is definitely not an American goldfinch. It’s a warbler of some kind, possibly a blue-winged. The light is harsh and it doesn’t really fit the ID of anything perfectly, so it could even be a hybrid of some sort. But my gut feeling is blue-winged. As for the “grackles,” they’re brown-headed cowbirds. Loved your photos of Haiti. Good job.

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