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So a while back I decided I wanted to make some handmade promo booklets. I knew this would be a small scale promotional effort and I limited it to 100 pieces. The idea is to send these out to 100 of my ‘wish’ clients, the ones who I wish I was working for. So I designed the booklet, took a couple of tries to get all the signatures right. Then I started to print them. This is when I got my first indication that this was a much bigger project than I had counted on, each book has about an hour of printing time in it! So after printing all day the first day and only having about 9 or 10 done, I was like, um, what have I done! But not one to quit, I carried on and eventually got them all printed! Then came the trimming and cutting of the pages. And then the scoring, then the hole punching, then the stitching binding. Oh, then I realized that the note cards and envelopes that I have on hand were too small, I had to order 100 of those. Then came the addressing, the hand written personalized note on each card. While I know I have chicken scratch, I did consider out sourcing the writing, but decided that this promo was going to be all me, legible or not! Then it was off to the post office and, of course, it was not .44 to mail these but .65! It seemed like it would never end, but it did, they are sent off and should be arriving in mailboxes later this week! If you received one I hope you enjoy it!

Here is a quick Iphone video of what it took to put these together.

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