Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s all about Mom today. Had all the family over, Pops smoked some ribs, fished the pond with the kids, did a family photo (complete with them heckling the photographer). We did have a dark mark on the day. My sister, who was enjoying her own Mother’s day by chilling, stubbed her pinkie toe while moving to a chair and BROKE it!!! She tried to tough it out for a couple of hours, but finally she had to go have some x-rays and get some pain meds. My mom took her in and is probably enjoying the relaxing waiting room, reading all those Highlights magazines! Moms and Pops leave next week for a 4 week trip to China and Japan, so it was a nice day for everyone to get together as they get ready to leave.

So, here is Mom.
(photo taken with Polaroid T-55 P/N film)


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