Is Spring here?

After a rainy weekend, the sun has come out and the temps are hovering in the upper 60′s! Oh yea!
Hit the grill last night with some teriyaki pork chops and grilled carrots and watched the sunset.
The early plants are in the garden, got the lettuce and broccoli planted. The photos below are of little lettuce plants.
Today I hit the ponds, my dads and the DR.’s, and had a good day. I did manage to catch two bass a couple of days ago in the rain and today got 3 more bass including the 1.75 lb’er below, 5 crappies and 8 sunfish including the plump one below. The sunnies and the crappies are all swollen and bright, getting read to bed down, a sure sign that spring is here and the water is warming up.
I am leaving on friday for a 12 day trout fishing trip. The first part of the trip will be near Deep Creek and is a trip put together by the Carolina Fly Fishing Club. This trip will have me fishing a few different kinds of water and even going into the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. The middle part of the trip I will be hiking 5-12 miles to a remote creek to fish for native wild brook trout. The last part of the trip will be near the Nantahala River with my BIL and his friends, it is their annual trip and I have been invited. should be a blast. I get back on Sunday the 13th then off to Florida to look over a collection of historical photographs for a client until the 17th. Whew!
I had to turn down a job today for a client that I have worked for in the past. ( I still have not sent out a promo to announce that I am here in Charlotte ) This proves the old saying that when you are slow, book a trip and the jobs will come in!

spring planting

more lettuce



Fish Totals as of today

Species and totals for 2008

Brook Trout – 2
Rainbow Trout – 5
Brown Trout – 7
Largemouth Bass – 11
Sunfish – 24
Black Crappie – 7

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  1. SWEET! the “mudpuppy” giant salamander you have there is actually a Hellbender, Cryptobranchus alleganiensis, a SUPER rare lucky find, I am crazy jealous. They are also harmless and beyond cool.

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