Italy. Venice.

We landed in Rome and 60 minutes later we were on the train to Venice. Having only slept for about an hour on the plane, we both spent the ride drifting in and out of sleep. The Venice train station is kinda awesome. You arrive and get off the train and it looks like most any other train station, until you walk out the doors. Then you see it, The Grand Canal. And boats. Lots of boats. We stayed at an awesome B&B, Ca Bonvicini. We really enjoyed our stay here. Had some great meals, saw some art, some palaces, some churches, a market or two, walked all over, visited the Jewish Ghetto, the Peggy Guggenheim Museum, visited Murano, saw some glass being blown, bought some street art, went to the top of a tower, drank at cafes, rode in a gondola, a water taxi and a vappereto. Even though Venice is expensive and a bit touristy, I think we would go back if we had the chance.

Here are some photos!

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  1. Rosanne Lubin says:

    Awesome shots Peter! Such a different way of life….and you captured it so well!

  2. Marinella says:

    I’m so impressed by the photos of Venice. Whenever I’ve been there, I’ve found it so hard to photograph without the pictures just looking like mediocre postcards. But your pictures capture both the beauty of the place and the atmosphere. I love the facades in the narrow streets and the dark and light on the water of the canals. Looking forward to seeing the photos from the rest of the trip!

    • peter taylor says:

      Thanks Marinella! We left for a family visit right after we got back and are just now getting back to normal! I’ll have more photos up this week. Tell everyone we say hello!

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