Just shoot.

I’ve been getting a bit restless and cranky lately. Those of you who know me well know that that is not a good combination. I get a bit, well, um, snippy. I need to be doing something, creating something. I need to be shooting something, anything. I’ve been reading some blogs that say just go shoot anything, it doesn’t matter what. If you are a car photographer, you don’t have to shoot cars ALL the time. I know this to be true. Just shoot. But, what to shoot. I can fall into a rut just like most any photographer where you feel like there is nothing to shoot and then quite conversely, I can find my self with an over abundance of ideas. It is the hot and cold of the creative mind. You get stuck behind a computer. You get stuck trying to figure out how to earn a living. You get stuck building a shed. Just shoot. I’m not complaining, I love what I do and couldn’t see doing anything even if someone would hire me! The day to day stuff of life can weight on a creative mind, as can whatever internal battles there are. And if you have a creative mind, you have internal battles, well, wars sometimes! Just shoot. So today I finally decided that I just had to shoot something, anything. I thought I would go for a drive, maybe look for a location or find some people, anything that caught my eye. Shiny! But then I got caught  at the desk finishing up an assignment, it started raining, the cleaning crew came and the blinds installer came. Enough stuff to squash my plans. Then I decided to just find something, anything. As I  watched the rain I kept seeing patterns in the drops, in the splashes. They looked great. I thought about lying down and trying to shoot some of those drops and splashes. Not the most original idea, it’s been done by most everyone with a camera. And of course it was now about 5pm and the light was going, going, going……. Stop coming up with excuses to not shoot! Solve the problem, make some photographs. Just shoot. So, I did. found a spot with lotsa drops and laid down and started shooting, I was using the highest ISO setting onthe camera, 6400!, But as soon as I laid down and started shooting, I felt good, no, make that great! I started seeing other places I could lay down and not get totally soaked. I started to play with camera settings and angles, I started shooting! Feels good. The photos aren’t going to win any awards, aren’t going to appear in a magazine or and ad and they aren’t going to make me any money. They are just the product of a creative problem that I tried to solve, the product of one side of my brain winning a battle. Just shoot.


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  1. Mom Lubin says:

    Peter, I think it’s GREAT that you took the camera out to just ‘shoot’ for yourself…great clarity and love the droplets…was this the standing water by the shed?

  2. Miriam says:

    Aah, these are so fun! I hate that cramped, just friggin shoot already feeling… thanks for telling it so well…

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