Last day in Italy and the last day of Berlusconi

We spent our last day in Italy running around like tourists. Took a great tour of the Colosseum and the surrounding areas with Context tours. I would highly recommend them for any tour in a major city. After lunch we met up with Lesley’s friend from grad school Jessica and wandered around the city as they caught up. Jessica has lived in Rome for over ten years and it was great to hear about her life here. We wandered over to the Fondazione Roma Museo and caught a Georgia O’Keefe retrospective. It was awesome to see her work again and the Museo did a great job with the exhibit. After we left the museo, we wandered down the street and encountered a huge crowd. Jessica realized that we were right in front of the Palazzo Chigi, Italy’s Prime Ministry, and it was the last night of Silvio Berlusconi as Prime Minister. The crowds were singing and there was music playing and chanting and some arguing. I waded my way into the crowd for a few moments and took the photo below, my little interaction with Italian history!

We leave in the morning and will be sad to leave Italy, but happy to be heading to our home.

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