Last Yankee game, so sad.

A couple of Fridays ago on Sept 19th I went to my last NY Yankee home game at Yankee Stadium. The Yankees beat the Baltimore Orioles that night 3-2. It is always a great game when the O’s get beat. But it was a bittersweet game for me. I love Yankee Stadium. I’ve been to dozen’s of games there, opening days, play offs, World Series and many regular season games. I’ve sat in the best and the worst seats there. Once I was so far up and so far back in right field that I was ABOVE the top of the foul pole and couldn’t see Kirby Puckett playing right field ( yes that kinda dates that game doesn’t it!), another time we were in box seats one box off the field right next to the Yankee on deck circle. Oddly enough, the four of us who went to that game, John, Sue, Ron and I, are the same foursome who went to the game on the 19th. I’ve taken the subway there, driven there myself, and been driven there in limo’s. It never mattered how I got there, it was always magical to see the stadium or the big bat or Stan’s. Speaking of Stan’s, I was worried about them with the new stadium, but they are so close and the train will still stop right in front of the bar so they should be fine. Stan’s. Best Yankee bar in the world. Right under the train, open only on home game’s, always over crowded and slightly over priced. But it is a great place to grab a pre game beer with 100′s of other Yankee fans. Don’t wear your Red Sox or O’s jersey in there, you might not get out with it!

The new stadium will be a beautiful place I’m sure. From the looks of it, it is well on it’s way to being the best stadium in the league next year when it opens. But as Bob Marley sang “cause none of them can stop the time”. Things change, still, the new stadium will always be known as the new stadium to most everyone I know and millions of others. But I will be a bit nostalgic for the old one. It is one of those places that has always been there. Never changed. Same seats. Same sections. I always knew what to expect and where to go. I could tell if a seat was good just by looking at the section number. I’m hoping to score some tix to opening day at the new stadium, so if you got any, let me know.

Here are some pix from my last Yankee game of the season.

This is Stan’s. note the train coming in just to the right of the sign.

Stan’s goes way back.

Always crowded on game day.

Ron with a round!


John, Sue and me.

Walking thru the construction you can see both stadiums.

Beer here!

Next stop Yankee Stadium.

Our last real stadium dogs.

Go Yankees!

Yankees win! Yankees win! Of course Rivera gets the save, 37 for the year, and the last out at the Stadium.

Last time in these seats. They should go up for sale sometime soon.

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  1. michelle says:

    Peter, I’m crazy for these pics! what fun

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