Latest video! Blue Lining with Chris Franzen

Another video project is complete! A couple of weeks ago I spent some time with my friends, The Franzens. Guy Franzen is a great guy and father to Chris ( and John and Patrick and Biz ). Chris is a great young man who can out fish, well, all of you! The kid is straight up fishy! Chris was getting ready to leave for his summer job, guiding in Alaska (tough life, right!?) and we took some time to do the thing he loves best, blue lining. Blue lining is fishing small mountain creeks for wild, native trout. These are not the creeks that get stocked, these are not the creeks where you have to bring your own rock to stand on, these are not the creeks with gravel parking lots. These are tiny creeks that you can here and maybe not see. They are down at the bottom of the ravine, thru a rhodo grove that will fight you the whole way down. They are loaded with rocks and snakes and hornets and bears and the rest of the wild stuff we have chased away. This is their domain and Chris loves to be in it. Watch the video and learn a little bit more about blue lining!

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On a fun note, I finished this video and posted it last night at midnight. Guy got to watch it and loved it. When I went to bed at 1, I saw that Chris had posted it to his tumblr ( how he got on the internet in his tent alongside a river in AK I don’t know! ) I woke up today at 930 ( yea, yea, yea…. ) to a flood of emails from Vimeo about people liking the video and commenting on it. A quick look showed that it had been picked up by and Trout Unlimited and shared all over Facebook! As of now, 11 hours after I first posted the video, it has been viewed 400 times and is growing! Man, I love social media!


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