Meet Craig Rogers, a shepherd.

As part of my Souther Purveyors project, I met Craig Rogers a couple of years ago. Craig was actually my first purveyor, I found/met him thru twitter! Once I stepped onto the farm it felt like I was visiting an old friend. Craig and I have stayed in touch since that first meeting and I went to his Lambstock event last year (will be going again this year!). As I began to learn and produce more videos, I knew I wanted to get back up to Border Spring Farms and make a video project with Craig. As we started to talk about when a good time to shoot would be, Craig mentioned that all he sees in farmer videos is green grass and sunsets! No rain, no snow, no bare trees, the reality of farming. We decided to shoot it last week, before everything greens up. Here is the final video and Craig’s story.

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