Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day. It means something other than a BBQ. So many have given so much for our country and our way of life, so while you are enjoying that hamburger and drinking that beer, pause for a moment and give them a thought and thanks either silently in your head or call a toast. If you know a veteran, tell him or her you appreciate their service wether it was recent or 25 years ago or 50 years ago. Go to the parade and stand up proud to show your support, bring the kids and tell them why you are there, not just for the candy!

Support our current troops by helping to bring them home as soon as possible and giving them all they need once they get here.
I am in Freehold, NJ, my hometown, visiting friends and we will be going to the towns parade in the morning with their kids.It's been a great weekend and I have a few thing to post about later in the week.
Since I have an unwritten 'no post without a photo' rule, I have picked a few from different stages in my life, one from AZ, one from Somalia and one from the first Gulf war while I was interning at a newspaper.




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