Musky fishing

That’s why they call it ‘fishing, not ‘catching’!

Last October I had the privilege of being invited along to my friend, and EXTREMELY talented artist, Bob White’s Musky Camp near Brainard Minnesota. I jumped at the invite and saw that I could piggy back the trip with a trip to Montauk the weekend before, fly from Long Island to MSP, visit with my grandparents and then drive up to Musky Camp. Not a bad fall trip at all.

My primary goal on this trip was to produce some content. I decided to make a video. Sounds great right? Then the musky heard about my idea and decide to shut down for a few days!

Bob White, Kip Vieth, Dan Boggs and Gabe Schubert. All top notch, world class experienced guides. The clients, they arrived too. A great group of experienced fishermen. This was looking good. Bob’s wife, Lisa, was in charge of the food and she did a great job every day! We ate like kings, had some cocktails, talked about all the musky we would catch and giggled like school girls. My hardest decision of the trip was who to float with. Bob had arranged for myself and another photographer, Aaron Otto, to have a ‘chase’ boat that we could work out of. It was a drift boat rowed by the ever pleasant Josh Alters. Spending the next few days together was a blast. Josh never complained when we had to row upstream to get another shot or to move around the guys fishing to a different angle. An awesome guy! Aaron and I spoke with each guide each night to see what they had seen. Were the getting chases? Did the boat any musky? Did the sports miss any? We would pick the run where we had the highest hopes of someone catching a musky.  What we didn’t count on was the musky giving us a big middle fin the whole trip! We had between 8-10 rods fishing over 3 days  and only 2 musky were landed. And none where I was.

This threw me. I had a hard time getting my head around how to cut this video. I had some beautiful shots, some great moments, but no musky. Then it came to me. As the old saying goes, it’s not about the catch, but about the journey. And this was a cool journey. I hope you enjoy the video!

a little update, since I posted the video 48 hours ago, it has been viewed over 850 times!

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