My latest video – A Life on Two Wheels, My Uncle Terry’s Story

Yesterday I put the final touches on my latest video. It features my Uncle Terry. He has been riding bikes since 1944! That’s 71 years! He is 77 years old. Bicycling has always been the most important thing in his life, to the point of being detrimental to many other parts of his life. But, he never gave it up. He still rides 20-40 miles a day and hopes to recreate his cross country ride next summer at 78 years old!

Making this video was both easy and very hard. It was easy because he has great stories and tells them with ease. It was hard because the first edit came in at 16 minutes! A lot of great stuff was left on the cutting room floor, as they say. The story about hitting a dog while race training in Louisiana didn’t make it (he hitchhiked to the hospital with his bike AND a broken neck)(the dog was not hurt), the story about drinking milkshakes at every Rexall Drug store they passed while riding thru Kansas and the one about never being able to retire because he couldn’t afford bicycling on social security! I hope I was able to narrow it down to a fun and entertaining video!

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