New cameras and Bella!

So I have a ton of stuff to blog about dating all the way back to the summer. Drives me crazy. I picked up a new camera right before Christmas, the new 5D Mark II. it is crazy good. It is arguably the best digi camera available right now, but on top of that it shoots full, uncompressed 1080i HD video, using all the Canon lenses, like the tilt and shifts, the macros and the super fast ones. I know! Crazy! Of course right now all that means to me is I need to upgrade to CS4, get Final Cut Pro, buy 8 gig CF cards, etc, etc, etc. Oh, and of course a new computer to handle the video and the 60 meg files the camera produces. I am excited to dive into the video. Using this camera has already re-energized my shooting. I had been using other digi cameras that did not have the same full frame sensor the 5D has. Once I started shooting full frame again, without the 1.6 lens factor, I started ‘seeing’ things the way I remember. I feel like I have my vision back. the lenses behave and look and feel different on this camera. The DOF is different. The angle of view is different. It makes me happy.

I did not get to fish over the holidays, I was sick for most of it and Lesley and I took an unexpected trip to Miami. We stayed with her parents and they have a pool. Bella loved swimming but did not like jumping in from the side. I would toss her ball into the pool and she would wait for it or paw the water trying to make it come to her. In this series she reached just a little too far! I took these with the new camera but had a wide angle lens on, these are cropped and are about 1/6 of the frame and the quality is still very good!


Bella and Lulu are best friends. They really play all day when they are together.dog1a

Can she reach it?




And there she goes!


Fully committed now.


But if she turns around real quick, she can still get the ball!


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  1. michelle says:

    such a cutie! can you send a link to more photos of her? Mi

    check out facebook for a gallery! – pt

  2. Candy Howard says:

    That first one is my new favorite dog image! One of the best I’ve seen!

    Thanks so much for stopping by Candy. Glad you like the photo! – pt

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